We are a FAST school

We have now completed our second cycle of the FAST programme. Below are some pics from the families that joined us. We will post up some of our graduation photos at a later date. A third cycle will take place in the summer term. If interested in joining us – please do get in touch.


We are excited that we will have a special visitor – Angela Constance the Cabinet Secretary for Lifelong Learning will be here on Tuesday 17th to talk to some of our pupils and parents about their FAST experience.


We were delighted to host our first FAST graduation. FAST is a programme sponsored by Save the Children. It is designed to promote strong relationships between the school and its parents and pupils. (Families And Schools Together) Parent partners, school partners and community partners joined up with 15 families and their children in an 8 week -long programme to encourage better links and communication. The families that volunteered, particiapted in a structured set of activites that included amongst other things; 1:1 special play with their children, parent time (a chance for relaxed adult conversation) craft activities and the FAST family meal. Every week a family won a hamper of goodies to keep but alongside this, they were nominated to make the meal for all of the FAST families the following week.

It was really good fun, as hopefully the pictures above illustrate. We want to thank all of the staff who helped run it and especially the families who attended every week and were such good sports for joining in. We hope to run this again as we feel it has really benefitted us by developing good relationships between school, parents and pupils.

The parents are continuing to meet and are already planning how to spend their funding to keep the group ticking over and making a lasting impact on their children. I’ll keep you posted here with what they are up to.

For more information please see http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/about-us/where-we-work/united-kingdom/fast

We’ll be in touch soon to offer FAST to even more Craigour Park families. Catch them in the playground and ask them all about it!

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