Visitors’ Book

We are asking all of our visitors to leave a comment about their experiences in visiting Craigour Park. We will post up their comments here.


 Hannah McAllister BEd student – Thank you all so much for welcoming me into your amazing school. It has been so inspirational to see how hard you work to ensure your pupils achieve their full potential. I have loved my time at Craigour Park. Thank you.

Sandra Milne – Head of Service (Support for Learning) Asha (Mrs Motley) you are a star! I want to clone you.

Isla Anderson VTSS – (Supporting Pupils with Down’s Syndrome in Schools) I had a wonderful visit today. The staff had all recently attended training and this had clearly had an impact on them as the strategies have all been put in place. The enthusiasm  of the staff was so encouraging and obviously impacts on the pupils they teach. PSA’s were supportive yet encouraged independence – balance of full class, one to one, paired and group work was great. I really had to search for the pupils today – just what you want! Staff were able to have a chance to talk to me – communication was superb.

Helen Donaldson HT of Cramond Primary – A big thank you for letting us use the school and for your very kind hospitality. Your school is beautiful.

Stuart Gray – BrainQuest – Just wanted to say thank you again for Monday as it was a great session, the most useful yet for the new project! The kids were a real credit to the school which made things run even more smoothly. (Edinburgh University)

3 thoughts on “Visitors’ Book

  1. Jamie Petrie

    Was at a course in the school today. Having been here the day the school opened in 2003 it was so nice to be back after many happy years working here. Love the new building, you all must be so proud of it! Good to see Mr Mowbray is still the same!

    1. brucemurray67

      Don’t you worry Amy. I am sure you’ll love it here. There are lots of fun and exciting things going on and I’m sure you’ll fit right in. I am looking forward to meeting you. Mr Murray Depute Head teacher.


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