Things to look forward to

January 2017

10th – Return to school

12th – P4A begin swimming (every Thursday)

13th- Whole school Resilience Launch assembly (heath and well-being, look out for the parent flyer) 

17th – Season’s for Growth resumes

18th – P2A I-Pad club resumes 

19th – P3 singing with music specialist Patsy

23rd -26th  HMIe inspectors in school

25th – P2B & P2/3  I-Pad club

25th – Nursery Burn’s Supper (parents welcome, info to follow)


P5A continue to swim on Thursdays

1st – Nursery Christmas Fun Day

6th and 7th – Primary 4 trip to Stirling Castle 

6th – EAL Tea Party

7th – Primary 6 and 7:  Hansel and Gretal 

7th – P3 Read, Write, Count Family Event

13th – Bible Alive working with P6

14th – Primary 6:  Singing Carols at the library 

14th- Parent Council Meeting at Goodtrees Community Centre (6.30pm)

15th and 16th – Primary 1 Nativity 

19th –  Primary 5 Christmas Party

20th –  Primary 2,3,7  Christmas Parties

20th – Nursery Winter Wonderland family trip 

21st –  Primary 1,4,6  Christmas Parties

21st – Nursery Christmas Part at the Tron Kirk

22nd – Whole school Carol Concert at the Tron Kirk 

22nd – Tea Party for Star of the Term and family


P5A continue to swim on Thursdays

2nd- P5 Showcase the Human Body

2nd- City Open Day

3rd- P1 Deep Seaworld trip

7th – School Photographs

8th -10th -P1 Registration Week

9th – Flu Vaccination 

16th – P2A  I-Pad Club Parent/child (fortnightly) 

16th – Scottish Cup Roadshow

16th – Zoo trip

18th – Parent Council and P7 Pop Up Book Shop 

23rd – P2B and P2/3 I-Pad Club Parent/child (fortnightly) 

23th – P3A Showcase Egyptian

24th – P3B Showcase Egyptian

24th – P1 Bookbug Family Party

24th – Seasons for Growth begins P5/6

28th – Whole School Culture Week

29th – EAL Culture Learning Event

29th – P2 Read, Write, Count family event



Continue with Bible Alive P5A/B

26th – Parent Council Meeting Goodtrees Community Centre (6pm)

27th – P1 Family Friendly Open Afternoon – Reading

27th – P5A begin Swimming at Gracemount Leisure Centre

28th – Whole School Fire Safety talks by the Fire Service

28th – P7 VE Day Party

31st – Nursery Family Fun Day