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What do we actually do at Craigour?

What do we actually do at Craigour Park. You might find yourself asking this question, but probably not out loud . . . . . .

Anyway . . here is a video of something we did at Craigour Park Primary School. As part of our celebration of National Book Week  running club ran and read and asked the question “Are the pyjamas for Book Week, Black Friday or Radio6 music’s ‘wear-your-old-band-t-shirt-to-work-day’?”.

Is it on?

A Busy Term in P7

P7 have had a really busy term including running Hansel and Gretel as our enterprise project.  One fantastic event we attended was a workshop with children’s author Alexe Nye at Moredun library.  We really enjoyed hearing Alex talk about her inspiration for her Scottish themed ghost stories.  The pupils who bought her books are really enjoying them!  Here are some photos ( apologies for the delay!!!)

p1B – World Book Day assembly champions!

P1B had great fun dressing up as their favourite book characters on Friday for World Book Day!  They were also on their very best behaviour at our whole school assembly and collected the most Craigour coins, earning themselves the best class trophy…for the 2nd time this year!  Well done boys and girls, amazing costumes and fantastic behaviour! 


Book Week buddying! 

P1B and P4A got together again to complete some activities linked to World Book Day on Thursday and our whole school reading challenge ‘Read to Rio!’  We have chosen Tanzania as our Olympic country and the P4s did a great job of sharing facts about the country with the P1s through clear, eye catching posters and short videos on the iPads!  

We then watched a programme called ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ which features a type of bright, colourful art that originated in Tanzania, Tinga Tinga.  These are also traditional African stories!  This was then used as inspiration for our own Tinga Tinga art! 

Well done everyone, you all worked so well together! 

Book Week Buddytime

P2b and P5a had another great buddy afternoon today to fit in with World Book Day on Thursday. The children were given the challenge of reading for information and used books, atlas and ipads to gather facts on our chosen country – Brazil.

As ever, the children worked co-operatively together with great encouragement from P5 and enthusiasm from P2

Great job all!