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A Visit From Ian Murray MP

Primary 7 recently had a very special visit from our local MP for South Edinburgh, Ian Murray. The Labour MP came in to speak to the children about politics and government as part of our new topic. The children asked some great questions and seem very excited for their new topic.

Thank you very much to Ian for taking time out of his campaign schedule to come and speak to the children.

MP Visit

Primary 5 Get Some Special Visitors…

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Both Primary 5 classes had some important visitors just before the holidays. Ashley and Kirsti, two local NHS nurses came in to explain to the children about the different jobs nurses have to do. We found out lots of information and thankfully Mr Mallon and Mrs Holt have recovered from their injuries thanks to the help of trainee nurses Murray, Sophia and Dominika.

Thanks again two both nurses for coming along as part of our ‘Human’ Body’ topic.

Riding of the Marches – this Sunday



2pm – Ride enters Moredun – look out for this on Sunday – it should be a spectacular sight. For more information on the history of this remarkable event and for all of the route – please click on the above link.

As you may be aware, we have launched an online Learning Journal for every pupil at Craigour Park. In this you will see pictures and comments about your child’s learning. This regular update replaces our paper report traditionally given out to parents at the end of the year.

From our records, we note that there are numerous families who have not yet accessed their child’s report.

Can we help you with this? We are sending out a letter with these options – please tick and return to us as soon as possible.

  • Please reset my password (an email alert will be sent to you)
  • I need some help to access the journals (we can give you an appointment)
  • I have changed my email address (please supply new address)

We have had over 1,500 positive comments from parents who logged in and are being kept up to date about their child’s progress. We hope that you can join them.

If you don’t have access to an email account – drop in and see us and we can set you up with access to laptop to view your child’s work.


Primary 6 Visit Edinburgh Zoo

All children in Primary 6 visited Edinburgh Zoo today as part of their ‘Living & Growing’ topic. The children learned lots about the life cycles of different animals, asked very intelligent questions and represented our school impeccably. Well done on a great trip Primary 6!

Music by:

Boy Kill Boy – Suzie (Island Records)

Even More Primary 6 Basketball!

Primary 6 had a visit today from Cammy and Sarah who coach at the Tron Kirk Basketball Group. The children received a short coaching session in the Autumn sunshine this morning and seemed to have a great time!

Check out this short clip to see some of the things we got up to!

Thanks again to Cammy and Sarah for coming along!