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P7A High School Transition

Over the course of four weeks P7A have attended Liberton H.S. as part of their transition project in preparation for high school. The children worked in the music department with Mr McCorquodale to create their own audiobooks based on the story of the hungry crocodile. This was a great experience and has given them a taste of what life at high school is like. A huge thank you to Mr McCorquodale and all of the adults who came to help each week. Why not have a listen to some of our work?


Nursery Burns Supper 2017

Thank You to everyone who came along to our nursery Burns supper yesterday. We had a fantastic turn out, and it was lovely to see everyone getting involved and joining in the Scottish celebrations.

We have have been very interested in finding out about Robert Burns, and have looked at some of his poems and songs. We were so inspired by all of his hard work that we all became authors and created our own book! Well done everyone!



P7 Art and Music Project

P7 have just completed a fantastic eight week programme of art and music at Liberton High School as part of our transition work.  They created animations based on the work of Henri Matisse and created their own soundtrack for animations using a range of instruments and their voices.   They are amazing!  We would also like to give a big thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Young and Mrs Weighill who accompanied us every week .

P7 transition

Primary 7 had another transition today and had to build a free standing tower as one of the team building challenges. We were very lucky as some pupils from Liberton High School came along to take part in the challenge and stayed for ‘Question Time’ where they answered all our questions about high school. 


P7 Transition

P7 are getting ready to move onto HIgh School and have been working on some activities in transition workshops to help them with the big move!  Last week they made short videos to show some common worries and to highlight the things they are looking forward to.  Here are some examples.