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Sometimes games are just unfair!

Sometimes when we play games they just aren’t fair and this can lead to a few arguments. Maybe the teams aren’t fair, or the rules don’t seem fair.

This week P7 played some games and ran some races that weren’t fair.

Did we give up, or did we show some determination and resilience, some true GRIT and try our hardest under the challenging circumstances?

Find out . . .

P6 & P7 and the games of Ambiguity.

When we play games in PE we play lots of small sided games: 2 v 2s, 3 v 3s, 4 v 4s.

We have to referee our own games and some times there are arguments in our games.

Alot of the time the arguments are over rules.

In the games of ambiguity there are lots of rules missing or rules which aren’t made clear . . . . they’re . . . ambiguous . .

Watch us trying to make sense of the games and work together to make the rules clearer.