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P2A Look At Climate Zones

Last week, the class started a new topic on Climate Zones around the world and how they differ. First we studied a world map and identified the equator.  Next, we coloured the different climate zones on a map using a key and finally we added some animals into the correct climate area, which we will develop throughout the term.

Good job P2A!

P7A Visit Edinburgh University

On Friday Primary 7 visited the main Edinburgh University campus to see what an average day of a student is like. We had great fun in our history and philosophy lectures and got to use some fantastic resources. A huge thanks to Dr Neil Spiers for organising our visit. It has given lots of us huge inspiration!

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P2A Out and About

We had a lovely time this afternoon walking around the local area looking for places of interest or places we visit regularly such as Goodtrees and The Tron Kirk. The children had a list of places to spot and tick off on their checklist. Great behaviour everyone and a huge thank you to the parents who came along to help.