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P7A Visit Edinburgh University

On Friday Primary 7 visited the main Edinburgh University campus to see what an average day of a student is like. We had great fun in our history and philosophy lectures and got to use some fantastic resources. A huge thanks to Dr Neil Spiers for organising our visit. It has given lots of us huge inspiration!

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P2A Out and About

We had a lovely time this afternoon walking around the local area looking for places of interest or places we visit regularly such as Goodtrees and The Tron Kirk. The children had a list of places to spot and tick off on their checklist. Great behaviour everyone and a huge thank you to the parents who came along to help.

Primary 6 Study ‘Weather & Climate’

We’re an outdoorsy sort of bunch in Primary 6 and this week saw us brave the elements to visit the garden. The reason for this…..Well we are studying the weather after all. In ‘Big Writing’ the children wrote some brilliant instructions on how to build their very own rain gauge and then went one better by using these instructions to build their very own weather measuring device.

A few of the class may have got a little bit messy as you can see.