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The Phases of the Moon P2A Style!

P2A have been learning about the moon rotating around the earth and how it looks different at various times of the month. We have been finding out that the moon does not have its own light and we can only see the moon because the sun lights it up with its rays.

Today we demonstrated what the phases look like by icing biscuits in yellow and grey to represent full moon, new moon, crescent moon etc.

Once we were done, what did we do?   Eat them of course!​

P1B investigate shadows!

As part of our Day and Night topic P1B wanted to know how shadows are created! Today we investigated the concept and discovered a shadow is made when an item blocks the light.  We then tested this using torches and different objects! 

Ask us how we can make a shadow bigger or smaller! 

We are Scientists

P1A have focussed on the Three Little Pigs story this week. In literacy we sequenced the story and learned the importance of putting events in the correct order.

We then took part in a science experiment to round off our topic of Materials. In groups we built houses using sugar cubes, paper, Lego and pasta shells. The big bad wolf then came along in the form Miss Read’s hairdryer. We predicted what would happen to the houses and then used the hairdryer. It was a really fun experiment and we loved the part when the pasta shells flew everywhere!