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It’s a Living Thing!

Not only have P1/2 been growing sunflowers in class, but the pupils have also been looking after some Caterpillars! It’s amazing how much they’ve grown in just one week. Miss Read is so happy to be keeping them on her desk where they can stay warm.

We can’t wait to see them make their cocoons and become butterflies!



Anyone working in the Lower Wing this afternoon needn’t worry! Miss Read has not decided to open a barnyard in her classroom – today we were learning about wool!

P1/2 linked their science topic with our Word Boost book: Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers. After learning about where wool comes from and talking about things we can make from wool, p1/2 decided to make their very own sheep masks!

Don’t worry parents/guardians – this activity took place AFTER our photographs……it turned out to be quite a messy lesson!

P2A Food Chain

P2A have been learning all about food chains this week. We have discovered that all food chains start with the sun and its energy and then move through a variety of different plants or animals. We had great fun demonstrating these chains by making masks to show the sequences. We even shared what we had learned with other classes at today’s assembly. A great job P2A.

Primary 7 Get Protected

P7A recently had a visit from some students from Edinburgh University as part of the Get Protected programme aimed at increasing awareness of how important it is to protect your brain, especially when cycling. The children appeared to learn lots throughout the workshop so hopefully we see more helmets on heads as they cycle/scoot to school in the morning!

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The Phases of the Moon P2A Style!

P2A have been learning about the moon rotating around the earth and how it looks different at various times of the month. We have been finding out that the moon does not have its own light and we can only see the moon because the sun lights it up with its rays.

Today we demonstrated what the phases look like by icing biscuits in yellow and grey to represent full moon, new moon, crescent moon etc.

Once we were done, what did we do?   Eat them of course!​