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Big Pedal week 1

Well done to all of you who biked or scooted to school this week, especially in the snow on Tuesday! We are currently the second best school in Edinburgh for biking and scooting!!

Next Wednesday we’re going to set up a scooter course. All those kids who bring in their scooter next Wednesday will be able to go out and take part during the day.

Keep scooting and biking!!

The Venn Diagram Breakfast

In a gap somewhere between Red Nose Day and the Big Pedal lies the Venn Diagram breakfast . . . . .

Thank you to all of you who came and scooted and biked and helped feed the masses.

Thanks also to Sainsburys and Morrisons for donating some of our breakfast.

And finally, thank you to the Ed Sheeran look-a-like for popping in and making an appearance.

Bike Breakfast Postponed! Red Nose Day Bike Breakfast Created!


The weather tomorrow morning is supposed to be pretty bad, so we’re postponing the Bike and Scooter breakfast until Friday 24th March (this Friday) which is also Red Nose day. Please come from 8am onwards for some bike and scooter fun and games and some free breakfast. If you normally come to running club – please just come and join in with the biking and scooting.

Thank you to everyone who has biked and scooted to school so far this week. You have to be a pretty special person to bike or scoot in the snow (and have pretty special parents who help you too).

Thank you,

J Mowbray