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Clubs are Go!

School is back and so are a lot of our clubs that are run by school staff.

Monday 8:15am. Rugby club. Nursery – P7. (Nursery to P4 must come with a parent or carer)

Monday 3:05 – 4.05pm. P6 & P7 girls hockey. Letters from Mrs Bagnall

Tuesday 8:00. Racket Club. Nursery – P7. (Nursery to P4 must come with a parent or carer)

Wednesday P6 & P7 football. Letters from Mr Consitt.

Friday running club. P5 – P7 Running club 7:45am. Nursery – P4 Running club 8am on the astro. (Nursery to P4 must come with a parent or carer) .

If you’d like to know any more about any of the clubs please ask Mr Mowbray.

All the active schools clubs will start back shortly. Look out for the programme of clubs coming home soon.


P3 Dances & Open morning

Thank you to all the mums and dads and carers who came in this morning to see our Charlotte’s Web Dances and visit our classrooms.

Kids, your dances were great! Well done.

Our favourite bit though was when we all went out on the astro to play together at the end of the morning.

P3 sports afternoon = Thursday 22nd June at 1:30pm.

Hope to see you all again.

P6 Tennis

Primary 6 A and B showcasing their tennis skills which they have been practising over the past 3 weeks with Mr Jamieson and Mr MacEachern. They have all improved a lot over the short duration of time, even starting to get to grips with the scoring system of the game.

Sports Days

Sports Days Monday 19th June – Friday 23rd June

Parents and carers are very welcome to come and join in with our sports days. These sports days are a chance to join in with some of the things we have been doing in PE lessons this year. All of the sports days will take place outside on the astro.

The Sports Afternoon on the Friday will feature traditional races such as the egg n spoon and sack race. Children must come with an adult to this event.

Hope to see you there!

Monday 19th June.                 1:30pm P6 & P7 Athletics

Tuesday 20th June:                9:00am P1 & P2 games

1:30pm P4 Rounders

Wednesday 21st June:            1:30pm P5 sports

Thursday 22nd June:               1:30pm P3 games

Friday 23rd June:                     1:30pm Old Skool races and sports.