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One week to go!




There is the smell of fresh paint everywhere. Our new classroom furniture has arrived, new flooring completed and we await the arrival of the teaching walls on Wednesday. The new build will be beautiful inside – the rooms are light and and airy and will be a great addition to Craigour Park. This week continues to be busy and if the staff look a little ruffled on Wednesday morning of next week when we welcome back the children – you’ll know why.

Two Weeks to Go!

Things are moving on at a frantic pace at Craigour Park. The main entrance corridors have new flooring in place and will be re-painted. Our new build is a hive of activity and much of the new furniture has arrived and is currently being stored in the gym hall. Our cleaning team will arrive next week and then it will be all hands on deck for the final big push to ready the school in time for the pupils’ return. Here are a few pictures of our current progress.



Safety First!

We welcomed Mr Roddy McLean from Hart Construction into our school today. With the beginning of a new senior citizens housing complex starting on January it was perfect timing to deliver a talk and have a discussion on pupil safety in and around building sites. After a most interesting video about the dangers of a building site we had a question and answer session and the message was clear – Stay Out of Building Sites! With the start of this construction adjacent to the school and our own development starting at Easter, the school and its surrounds will be a very busy place and extra care will be needed. We thank you for reinforcing this message at home.

During the construction we plan to have further visits from the developers and design team and we will use this great resource to capture the children’s interest and ensure some of our classroom learning reflects what’s going on around us.