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Measure Part 2 in P2A

Today the children continued measuring around the classroom. They were given a sheet of objects to find around the classroom and measure each one in centimetres with their rulers. It was such a lovely day that we then went outside to use meter sticks to measure larger objects.

Fed Up With Your Current Credit Card?

This week P7A have been doing a variety of things related to financial education week. One activity involved us looking at credit cards and their hidden costs so that we can make sensible money choices in the future. We then got into groups and created our very own adverts for our own cards.

Check out some of the example advertisements we made.

(Others available on individual Learning Journals)

Finance Week in P2A

The children have been working with money all week this week and taken part in many money themed activities. They made money mobiles by selecting the correct coins for a given amount on Tuesday. Yesterday, we made our own cafe menus and did some role play as customers and waiters, where we had to find the amount we needed to pay. Today we made money caterpillars to share at the school assembly tomorrow.

Well done P2A, a busy week!