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P2A Outdoor Classroom!

It was so hot today that we decided to open the classroom door and let the children spill out onto the benches to do their work. Continuing on from last weeks directional work, today we were directing each other on a home made map.

Great job P2A!

Data Handling in P1A

We have learned so much so far in our new Maths Topic: Data Handling!

We started off by working out when everybody’s birthday was and made our very own graph!

From this we saw that January is the busiest month in our class for birthdays. We also noticed that none of the children are born in June. This was a great way for us to show our gathered information!

We then decided to find some information out about our school. We decided to focus on colours and, as a class, went round the school to ask each teacher what their favourite colour was.

What a fantastic adventure! We even managed to use the stairs in the new build safely when going to visit Primary 3. With all the information gathered, as a class we made a bar graph. This sparked a great discussion as we could clearly see which colour was most popular, which was not etc.

Great work p1A!

Measure Part 2 in P2A

Today the children continued measuring around the classroom. They were given a sheet of objects to find around the classroom and measure each one in centimetres with their rulers. It was such a lovely day that we then went outside to use meter sticks to measure larger objects.