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I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night…

And Party Every Day!

P1A have had an excellent week! We’ve loved our mini topic of Rock Band. The children have dressed up, written stories, played games, made pictures and sang along with some fantastic rock songs from Lego Batman to Queen. Rookie Rockstars was great fun and the children loved taking it back into the classroom and into other activities. Each child was a musician for the week and each table became a band! Our own tour manager/star of the week Yasmin also had a role helping the class stay organised and get to each ‘gig’ on time. What a week! Miss Read is happy to say we’re all Rock Stars in the making – check out our ‘rock’ faces!

What absolute Troopers! Miss Read is so proud!

P1B at Deep Sea World!

P1B had a fab day out at Deep Sea World today! We took part in a workshop on rock pools and saw lots of different sea creatures including seals, sharks and piranhas! 

Miss Montgomery and our helpers, Mrs Montgomery and Mrs Bowen, were also super impressed at how well we represented the school with our great behaviour!

P7 Project Narnia

P7 have just completed their work on project Narnia in association with the Lyceum Theatre.  We have had a six week input form our artist Katy which concluded with a sharing session where we took our audience into the headquarters of the White Witch!  The classes loved performing their excellent work to the audience.  We have been busy in class too; learning how to write effective news reports, creating wonderful dioramas and 3D pictures and writing leaflets and poster about the wanted criminals in Narnia.  We were also lucky enough to attend the Lyceum’s Christmas show, ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.’ The show was amazing and we then wrote fantastic theatre reviews.  Here is a selection of our work.

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Welcome to Narnia

P7 have begun work on a really exciting project with the Lyceum Theatre based on their Christmas show, ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  We have visited the Lyceum for a back stage tour and even got to stand on the stage!  Every Tuesday our artist, Katy, comes to work with us but we will keep what we’re doing under wraps for the moment!   P7 have also created some really interesting art work based on the story.  Here is a wee peek at what we have been doing.

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P7 Poster Challenge

In P7A we have been analysing and evaluating propaganda posters from World War Two.   We looked at how word choice, colours and images can be used to persuade and influence people.  We then used these ideas to design a propaganda poster to persuade mothers to evacuate their children.  Here are some of our finished posters.

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