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P2A Amazing I-Movies

We have now come to the end of our I-pad afternoons and the last task was to make an I-movie. Thank you so much to everyone who spent time at home ‘producing and directing’ to share these great movies with us.​​





P7A Resilience Superheroes

This week in Primary 7 we have been designing our very own resilience superheroes to promote resilience across the school. The children thought about resilience means to them and came up with a huge word bank to help describe to others what a resilience superhero would demonstrate. We then uploaded our photos to comic caption and created a comic style picture with our ideas. Check out some of our work here!

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Fed Up With Your Current Credit Card?

This week P7A have been doing a variety of things related to financial education week. One activity involved us looking at credit cards and their hidden costs so that we can make sensible money choices in the future. We then got into groups and created our very own adverts for our own cards.

Check out some of the example advertisements we made.

(Others available on individual Learning Journals)

Craigour Reading Radio – Episode 4

Craigour Reading Radio welcomed on Amelia from Primary 3 this week for our first broadcast of the new year. Amelia has been taking part in our own P1-3 ‘Hungry for Reading’ challenge and loved having the opportunity to promote her book. Have a listen and see what you think!

P2A Shape Books

P2A worked well with some of P6A today to begin learning how to use I pads as an aid to learning. We looked at an app called ‘book creator’ and with the help of the older children, set about taking photographs of shapes around the school. We then put these photos into a shape book using the app.

For a first attempt, the class did really well and worked co-operatively to create a few pages. Here are some of the results.​



P2B Yearbook

P2B have been learning lots about I pads this year from their P5A buddy class. This week, with some help, they have made a yearbook using the book Creator app.

Well done everyone a great job and a nice reminder of your time in P2.

​Thanks to Connor, Caelan, Matteo and Max for all your help.