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P1B speaking en français! 

  This week we have started learning some basic French in P1. We have learned how to say hello (bonjour) and goodbye (au revoir). We have also learned to ask someone how they are and 4 different ways we can answer. We ask someone ça va? and they can either reply ça va très bien (I feel very good), ça va bien (I feel good), comme ci, comme ça (I feel ok) or ça va mal (I don’t feel good).  
Today we created a feelings booklet and drew a face to match each response we have learned so far! 


P5A Counting in French

P5A have been learning French for a few months now and have been learning to say  hello and goodbye in different ways, introduce themselves and ask someone’s name. It is still early days ands some sounds are very tricky, but we have been trying hard. In our video you can hear us  counting to 20 in French! (we’re still working on the difference between two and twelve!!)

C’est Formidable, non?

Primary 6 Test Out Vine (In French)

Primary 6 have been brushing up on their French since arriving back at school. On Friday we split up into groups and began to test out the app ‘vine’ on our iPads. The question is………Can you translate what these budding linguists are saying?

(Hint: To hear the sound scroll over the vine and click the sound button in the bottom right corner.)