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A Bunch of Billy Elliot’s!

Craigour Park Primary School is renowned for it’s approach to Emotional Literacy. We learn about our emotions in lots of creative ways and this week was no different for Primary 6. Instead of looking at ‘anger’ solely in the classroom the children took to the gym hall after watching how ‘Billy Elliot’ dealt with some of his emotions and created an epic dance with Mr Mowbray.

Anger Management at it’s finest………..

Yet again your creativity continues to impress Primary 6! Keep it up!

Emotional Literacy in Primary 6 & 7

In preparation for our whole school assembly on the emotions ‘Fear’ and ‘At Peace’ Primary 6, Primary 6/7 and Primary 7 have been exploring what these emotions mean. From creating our own emotions dictionaries to looking at how these impact on our health and well-being all 3 classes have been up to lots. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the work we’ll be showing off at assembly tomorrow……

Music By:

Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand In Mine (Temporary Residence Limited)