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P3 Charlotte’s Web Dances

P3 are learning all about food and farming this term and reading Charlotte’s Web as a class novel. Yesterday in PE we started making up some wee dances using pictures from the story and words and verbs about Charlotte the spider.

Parents and carers of P3 are welcome to come and see our finished dances on Friday 19th May at 11am and the come back to class with us to see some of our work in the classroom.

Hope to see you there!

Let’s Dance Showcase!

On the evening of Thursday 11th May at 6:30pm the school will be hosting a dance showcase. As well as the Friday afternoon Hip Hop class, Jane’s Wednesday Gymnastic classes and some High School performers from Live It Dance studios it will also be an opportunity for other children who love to dance to perform in front of an audience.

We are expecting a high number of children who may wish to take part on the 11th May and with a limited amount of time on the night, those children or groups who would like to take part in the showcase will have to audition for a place.

• The auditions will take place on Friday 21st April at 11:00am.
• No audition dance should last longer than 2 minutes.
• Children must come with their music to the audition on CD or as an MP3 on a music device. No Streaming, searching or buffering.
• Any children or groups who wish to take part in the showcase must complete the form below and hand it in to Mr Mowbray by Wednesday 19th April

The audition piece must be well rehearsed and practiced. Although we would like to give everyone 2 minutes to audition, this time may be cut if we have a lot of people wishing to audition.
Some acts will not get through the audition and will not be able to perform at the Showcase. Not passing an audition can be upsetting. Please do not put yourself or your child forward for the audition if you think they are not ready to take part in the process.

Tickets for the showcase will be £1 or £3 for a family. More information about buying tickets will follow shortly.

If you would like to audition please ask Mr Mowbray for a form.

Good Luck & Get Practicing!

Nursery Burns Supper 2017

Thank You to everyone who came along to our nursery Burns supper yesterday. We had a fantastic turn out, and it was lovely to see everyone getting involved and joining in the Scottish celebrations.

We have have been very interested in finding out about Robert Burns, and have looked at some of his poems and songs. We were so inspired by all of his hard work that we all became authors and created our own book! Well done everyone!



Friday night at the Festival Theatre.

Twenty five of us went to see Fallon and Amy in Hansel and Gretel on Friday night (Maya had already had her dress rehearsal). It was brilliant! Fallon and Amy were amazing!

We sat enthralled during the performance and then at the interval we came out and did this:

Enthused and Inspired!

Thank you to Scottish Ballet for allowing us to come along to your dress rehearsal, it was pretty special.



Hansel and Gretel

Here’s a video of Wednesday’s Hansel and Gretel dance show. Kids – you were amazing. We are very proud of what you produced. And parents, you were a great audience.

The children came up with all the of movements for the dances themselves based on their part of the story of Hansel and Gretel. Clever kids. It might just look like kids bouncing around – but it’s kids bouncing around . . . with meaning . . . . .

The show was just part of the P7 topic this term. Great writing, art, enterprise all inspired by Hansel and Gretel.

And a big group of us are all off tonight to see Fallon and Amy and Maya on the Festival Theatre Stage performing with Scottish Ballet. We can’t wait!

Enjoy the show: