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Open afternoon and showcase today

This afternoon we’ve got some of our talented sporty kids showcasing Parkour, Gymnastics, dancing, judo, karate and football in Festival venue 207 (the gym hall) at 1:30 for P1 – P3 parents and carers and 2:15 for P4- P7. You’ll then be able to meet lots of the coaches who’ve been working with us this week and sign up for the clubs they run. see you there.

Cops and Robbers Running Club

Running club is back. This weeks theme, to celebrate the continued Police presence at school: Cops and Robbers. 22 kids(? we think), a couple of parents, 6 members of staff, a box of dressing up clothes from the nursery and a few robbers masks. What could possibly go wrong?

Next week is our active schools week. We’d like everyone to join running club for a week and see if it fits. We’ll just be running around the school. Please come and join in. And the theme? Christmas in August (because every mum and dad loves going up into the attic on a Thursday night in August to get down the Christmas Decorations). We shall see you there.

Active Schools Week

Active schools week. Monday 27th August to Friday 31st August

Next week is our Active Schools Week at Craigour Park. We have arranged for Dance, Rugby, Football, Basketball, Parkour, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Karate, Yoga, Cycling, and Athletics coaches and instructors to come to school and offer taster sessions. Other sessions will be led by school staff who run running, basketball, football, racket and Scottish Dancing clubs.

Each class will hopefully have at least one active session each day and therefore children can come to school in sporty clothing in school colours each day. Everyone must still have their red or grey school sweatshirts on top the top of their sporty clothes. Many of the activities will take place outside.

Each day will kick off with a sporty activity before school. Everyone is welcome to come along and join in! P5,6 and 7s can come on your own. Nursery to P4s – you’ll need a parent or carer to come with you.

Monday 8:00am – 8:45am – Football on the astro

Tuesday 8:00am – 8:45am – Racket club

Wed 8:15am – 8:45am – Scottish Dancing in the gym hall. (enter via dining hall door)

Thursday 8:15am – 8:45am – Basketball on outdoor court.

Friday 7:45am – 8:40am. Running club around the school. You will hear us before you see us!

On the afternoon of Wednesday 29th August parents and carers are invited to come and watch some of our children showcase their sporty talents. After the showcases parents can then go with their children to the dining hall where they will be able to meet our Active Schools Coordinator Rab Ure and many of his coaches and sign up for some of the active school clubs.

P1, P2 and P3 parents & carers are invited to come to the gym hall for 1:30pm

 P4, P5, P6 and P7 parents & carers are invited to the gym hall for 2:15pm

On Friday 31st August from 11am – 12:25pm pick up time, we’ll have an adult fitness instructor who’ll be here to offer a free Boxercise class for any parents and carers who would like to give it a try.

The Active School programme will be out soon for everyone to sign up to clubs. Our school clubs are already up and running. As a school we offer lots of sports clubs led by school staff and there are a growing number of parents and carers each week who come and join in with our racket, football and running clubs. If you feel there is something missing from our programme and would like to run a club yourself, you would be extremely welcome and should contact Mr Mowbray.

Family Fit Fun

If anyone can think of a better name for the new club we have on Wednesday mornings before school . . . . . .  please let us know. Set up and run by the parent partnership the new club is a great way to start your day. Every Wednesday from 8am – 8:30am we’ll have some sporty games and fun in the gym hall followed by some healthy breakfast and snacks in the dining hall before we start school. It’s a family club so kids must come with a parent or carer.

For the next few weeks we’ve got Colin, Eric and Kirsty coming in to play some games with us and do a wee bit of dancing. This week we kicked off with the winter Olympics. Featuring curling (Scotland is very good at curling), the Biathlon and the Luge.

Please come and join us next week.

Clubs are Go!

School is back and so are a lot of our clubs that are run by school staff.

Monday 8:15am. Rugby club. Nursery – P7. (Nursery to P4 must come with a parent or carer)

Monday 3:05 – 4.05pm. P6 & P7 girls hockey. Letters from Mrs Bagnall

Tuesday 8:00. Racket Club. Nursery – P7. (Nursery to P4 must come with a parent or carer)

Wednesday P6 & P7 football. Letters from Mr Consitt.

Friday running club. P5 – P7 Running club 7:45am. Nursery – P4 Running club 8am on the astro. (Nursery to P4 must come with a parent or carer) .

If you’d like to know any more about any of the clubs please ask Mr Mowbray.

All the active schools clubs will start back shortly. Look out for the programme of clubs coming home soon.