Breakfast Club

Chess Club

On Thursdays breakfast club hosts a chess morning where the children play a range of different board games. We have league tables where the children challenge each other to see who can top the table.





New Games @ Breakfast Club

We have had a delivery of some new games at Breakfast Club. The children have been putting them to the test already and they appear to be going down well.





Animals at Breakfast Club


The Breakfast Club topic for this week was animals. As part of this Mrs Mitchell and Mr Dobson helped the children create masks. Everyone had great fun!

The Big Pedal at Breakfast Club


Breakfast Club have been doing bike activities this week for the ‘Big Pedal’.

We made bikes out of pipe cleaners, coloured in pictures and had a competition for the best designed cycle jersey or helmet.

The competition was won by Rhiannon Gibson. Well done!!!

Easter Art at Breakfast Club




As Easter approaches Breakfast Club have been doing lots of art activities with Mrs Mitchell. Some of the work the children produced turned out brilliant and they seemed to really enjoy their week.

November at Breakfast Club


Breakfast Club have been busy doing lots of art recently. This week the children have made firework pictures as well as decorating different trees with Autumn leaves.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast Club

  1. Paul Sanderson

    Hi, do you have prices from breakfast club? Also would you accept morning nursery children? Thanks paul

    1. brucemurray67

      Breakfast club runs separately from the school. All information can be found in Parental Information tab on our website. There is a contact phone number and links to their website. Many thanks


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