Sports Days

Parents and carers are invited to come and join in with our sports days:

Monday 18th June.           1:15pm P5, P6 & P7 Athletics

Wednesday  20th June:    1:30pm  P3 & P4 races and games

Thursday 21st June            1:15pm P1 & P2 races and games

Friday 22nd June                 1:30pm Fun Friday races and games. Kids must come with a parent or carer to this event on Friday afternoon. As well as lots of races and game and sports there will also be lots of stalls and refreshments. 

It’s a Living Thing!

Not only have P1/2 been growing sunflowers in class, but the pupils have also been looking after some Caterpillars! It’s amazing how much they’ve grown in just one week. Miss Read is so happy to be keeping them on her desk where they can stay warm.

We can’t wait to see them make their cocoons and become butterflies!

Inclusion Games

This week in our Game Behaviour Games lesson with P6 we looked at something else which can make us frustrated and angry. Sometimes in games we don’t get passed to, don’t get to have our say, it feels like we’re not part of the game.

So we played some inclusive games where everyone had to take part to achieve the goal of the game.

Well done to Miss McGregor, Miss Kennedy, Miss Canning, Miss Foster, Mr Souden, Mr Munro and Mr McIntyre who created these games for the P6s. Genius . . .

Triathlon Day

WE had an amazing day on Wednesday. Martin and Adrian from Triathlon UK came in to set us a challenge: to bike and run as far as a satellite orbiting the Earth 717km away. Did we succeed?

You bet we did! In fact we covered enough distance to get to the satellite and back again, an amazing 1512km in one day. Wow!

Well done kids! And thank you to the teachers who even let the kids have a go on the bikes every now and again . . . .


Well done to all those kids and mums and dads and carers and teachers who biked and scooted during our big pedal. We had nearly 200 kids each day turning up on 2 wheels every day during the 2 weeks. Wow! PLEASE DON’T STOP!!! Now that you’re in the habit please keep of biking and scooting to school just keep on going – it’s a great way to start your day.

We hoped you liked your wee prizes. with nearly 200 gifts to buy Halfords at Straiton park and our parent partnership were very generous in funding the prizes along with the school.

And the winners of the 2018 big pedal were P3a!! Well done team!IMG_1223

Here’s a wee video of our bike breakfast a couple of week ago during the big pedal:

Tomorrow we have a triathlon day for all of our P3s to P7s in school. 30 bike machines in the hall. cool!