June 2017

lst – Parent Consultation

3rd – Nursery, School and Parent Council Fair – Goodtrees – More information to follow!!!

6th – P7 Parliament trip

7th – P3 Whitmuir Farm trip (TBC)

7th – P4 – 7 Violin Concert for Parents with LHS pupils.  P3 Parents/pupils also invited.

8th – P2 and P2/3 Museum trip “Rainforest”

8th – P3 Whitmuir Farm trip (TBC)

14th – Mr Mallon and pupils at 1st Ministers Reading Challenge Celebration Event – Corn Exchange

15th – Transition Meeting for New P1 Parent/Carers  6.30 – 7.30pm

16th – New P1 Parent/Carers Tour of the School 1 – 1.30pm

19th – Sports Week begins….

 19th – P6 and P7 Athletics

20th – LHS Transition 3 day visit begins

20th – P1 and P2 Games and Races  and  P3 Games

21st – P1 Transition Welcome Breakfast and P1 Classroom activity 8.30am – 9.45am

21st – P5 Sports and Games

22nd – P4 rounders

23rd – Star of The Term Tea Party and families with SMT

23rd – P6 and P7 High Jump

23rd – Parent Partnership Fun Sports 1.30 – 3pm with your child – Come and join in the fun!!!!!

26th – P7 Ball 6 – 7.30pm Craigour Park

27th – Parent Council Meeting,   Craigour Park  4pm

28th – Nursery Beach Trip

29th – Nursery Achievement Assembly – Tron Kirk –  (Pupils going onto P1)

           Nursery teddy Bear Picnic (Year 1)

30th – Term Ends 12 Noon.  

              “Happy Summer Holidays”

May 2017

9th – P2 Showcase “French”

11th – Dance Show Case 6.30-7.30pm

11th – P4C begin swimming

17th – LHS P7 Transition Sports Event

19th – P3 Showcase “Charlotte’s Web” dances

26th – Parent Council Pop Up Shop “Fruity Friday”

27th – Roller Disco Jack Kane Centre Parent Council Event

April 2017

20th – P4B continue swimming

21st – Whole School launch Assembly – “Keep Connected”

24th – Parent COuncil Meeting 6pm Goodtrees

24th – P1 begin end of year progress tests for Literacy and Numeracy

P4 and P7 begin on-line Literacy and Numeracy assessments

28th – P6 have Generation Science learning dome into visit

March 2017

1st – P6 Showcase “Weather”

1st – P5 and P6 Fischy Music Concert

2nd – Parent Council Ceilidh/Shindig Family Event 6 – 7.30pm

6th – P6 and P7 Cross Country Event

9th March – P4B begin Swimming

10th – Parent Council Meeting at Scotmid – 9am

14th – P1 Storytelling at Moredun Library

16th – P4 Showcase “Scotland”

16th – P7A  Transition Art visits begun

20th – Big Pedal Fortnight begins.

20th – Cross Country Event “Duddingston”

22nd – Big Bike Breakfast family event

22nd – Rookie Rockstars Performances 6.30-7.30pm.

23rd – Rookie Rockstars Performances 6.30-7.30pm.

23rd – P7A  Transition Music visits begun

24th – P7 University Visit

27th – Scripture Union Easter Programme – P6

27th – Nursery pancake family breakfast and Bedtime stories event

31st – Star of the Term Tea Party with SMT and families

Phase 2 of the rollout of a 20miles per hour (mph) speed limit goes live on 28 February 2017.   The second phase is the largest construction phase in the scheme  stretching from Granton to Portobello, Duddingston to Morningside, Gorgie to Murrayfield.

Please click on the link below to check if your street is changing to 20mph on the interactive map :

Phase 2 of the rollout of a 20 mph

February 2017

1st – P2 I-Pad Club resumes

2nd – P4A continue swimming

3rd – P7 Risk Factory Trip (safety)

7th – P5B Trip to Museum on the Mound

8th – P5A Trip to Museum on the Mound

10th – Pop Up Shop – “Pocket Money” P5 and Parent Council

21st – M&M Productions in – Pinocchio Show P2-P5

21st – Open Days N, P1, P4, P5

23rd – Open Days P2, P3, P6, P7

January 2017

10th – Return to school

12th – P4A begin swimming (every Thursday)

13th- Whole school Resilience Launch assembly (heath and well-being, look out for the parent flyer) 

17th – Season’s for Growth resumes

18th – P2A I-Pad club resumes 

19th – P3 singing with music specialist Patsy

23rd -26th  HMIe inspectors in school

25th – P2B & P2/3  I-Pad club

25th – Nursery Burn’s Supper with families

December 2016

P5A continue to swim on Thursdays

1st – Nursery Christmas Fun Day

6th and 7th – Primary 4 trip to Stirling Castle 

6th – EAL Tea Party

7th – Primary 6 and 7:  Hansel and Gretal 

7th – P3 Read, Write, Count Family Event

13th – Bible Alive working with P6

14th – Primary 6:  Singing Carols at the library 

14th- Parent Council Meeting at Goodtrees Community Centre (6.30pm)

15th and 16th – Primary 1 Nativity 

19th –  Primary 5 Christmas Party

20th –  Primary 2,3,7  Christmas Parties

20th – Nursery Winter Wonderland family trip 

21st –  Primary 1,4,6  Christmas Parties

21st – Nursery Christmas Part at the Tron Kirk

22nd – Whole school Carol Concert at the Tron Kirk 

22nd – Tea Party for Star of the Term and family

November 2016

P5A continue to swim on Thursdays

2nd- P5 Showcase the Human Body

2nd- City Open Day

3rd- P1 Deep Seaworld trip

7th – School Photographs

8th -10th -P1 Registration Week

9th – Flu Vaccination 

16th – P2A  I-Pad Club Parent/child (fortnightly) 

16th – Scottish Cup Roadshow

16th – Zoo trip

18th – Parent Council and P7 Pop Up Book Shop 

23rd – P2B and P2/3 I-Pad Club Parent/child (fortnightly) 

23th – P3A Showcase Egyptian

24th – P3B Showcase Egyptian

24th – P1 Bookbug Family Party

24th – Seasons for Growth begins P5/6

28th – Whole School Culture Week

29th – EAL Culture Learning Event

29th – P2 Read, Write, Count family event

October 2016

Continue with Bible Alive P5A/B

26th – Parent Council Meeting Goodtrees Community Centre (6pm)

27th – P1 Family Friendly Open Afternoon – Reading

27th – P5A begin Swimming at Gracemount Leisure Centre

28th – Whole School Fire Safety talks by the Fire Service

28th – P7 VE Day Party

31st – Nursery Family Fun Day