Craigour Park Positive Behaviour

img_0168WOW Point Rewards

The children are encouraged to collect WOW points for good work, good manners, kindness and effort.  Every class decides upon their class rules and rewards.  When the children earn 10 WOW points they receive a stamp in their Merit Card.  When the children complete a Merit Card parents are contacted by Mrs Cameron to congratulate them and their child.


Class Stars

Every week one pupil is chosen by the class teacher as the class star.  This is a pupil who has tried their best and achieved. They receive a certificate at assembly, which is then displayed on the Weekly Wonder Wall for all to see.  In addition the family are contacted by text to share the happy news and the P7 prefects take their picture for the school website.


Pupil of the Term

At the end of the term class teachers will choose one pupil and invite their family to a special tea party for achieving Star Pupil of the Term.


Wider Achievement  img_0166

The children are encouraged to share their wider achievement with their class and to visit Mrs Patterson (DHT), where their achievement is entered into the special “Craigour Stars Book”.  Their photo is taken and displayed on the Wider Achievement board.  This is also recorded in the Learning Journals and shared at whole school assemblies.


Everyday Earn-I Time  img_0157

Children have 10 minutes Earn-I time everyday which rewards the children’s good behaviour throughout the day.  During this time the children are developing their social skills .e.g. turn taking, sharing, learning new games. All children begin the day with full Earn-I time, however time can be lost as a sanction.  Children are given a verbal warning before being moved to the yellow then red card.  Improvement in behaviour in encouraged as the children can win their time back.


Parent/School Communication  img_0163

Home school diaries are used by class teachers for home school communication.  You may receive a pink incident report slip in your child’s diary which will clearly indicate if they have had an injury, illness or behavioural incident. Please sign and return to school.  The class teacher or SMT will be happy to discuss this with you.