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We love the Uni!

Yesterday we had 8 visitors from the uni working with us. Mr Munro, Mr Souden, Miss Kennedy and Miss McGregor from Moray House who have been working with us over the last few Thursdays and then in the afternoon we were joined by Toby, Alex, Joe and Lochlan from the University Frisbee team who came to play and work with the P7s.

Here’s a video of us all out on the astro yesterday afternoon playing football and frisbee in the February sunshine. Lucky kids.

P7 New Reset Game

Here’s P7 in the gym hall yesterday. Vaulting, doing a remote control movement pathway thing, trying out some movement challenges and playing the most difficult version of reset the world has ever seen.

Thank you to Miss McGregor, Miss Kennedy, Mr Souden and Mr Munro for Moray House for working with us and helping create the Reset Game.

Family Fit Fun

If anyone can think of a better name for the new club we have on Wednesday mornings before school . . . . . .  please let us know. Set up and run by the parent partnership the new club is a great way to start your day. Every Wednesday from 8am – 8:30am we’ll have some sporty games and fun in the gym hall followed by some healthy breakfast and snacks in the dining hall before we start school. It’s a family club so kids must come with a parent or carer.

For the next few weeks we’ve got Colin, Eric and Kirsty coming in to play some games with us and do a wee bit of dancing. This week we kicked off with the winter Olympics. Featuring curling (Scotland is very good at curling), the Biathlon and the Luge.

Please come and join us next week.