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Them bones!

On Thursday we had a mystery in p1/2!

We arrived back to our classroom after lunch to find it in a bit of a mess – much to Miss Read’s horror!

There were bandages all over the carpet, a skeleton in the entraceway, monsters on the board and two very scary spiders near the whiteboard!

We were all a little bit worried, then we spotted a book hidden beside WALT and WILF. It was called First day at Skeleton School and there were some pictures of skeletons beside it on the floor. 

As a class we read the story and with a partner we built the skeletons – spooky!

Afterwards we decided to play with some of the objects we’d found. It was great fun!



Anyone working in the Lower Wing this afternoon needn’t worry! Miss Read has not decided to open a barnyard in her classroom – today we were learning about wool!

P1/2 linked their science topic with our Word Boost book: Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers. After learning about where wool comes from and talking about things we can make from wool, p1/2 decided to make their very own sheep masks!

Don’t worry parents/guardians – this activity took place AFTER our photographs……it turned out to be quite a messy lesson!

Wait a Minute Mr Postman!

P1/2 and P3/4 are thoroughly enjoying their buddy time together!

We’ve read a really exciting Katie Morag book all about her delivering letters across the island.

Last Friday a real life ‘Katie’ in the form of Christina arrived with her very soggy bag! Unfortunately the sentences inside each of the letters were all muddled up. Luckily the children were able to work in groups to put the sentences back together again. They then drew pictures of the sentence on the envelope.

Great work everyone!