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World Book Day

After missing World Book Day due to the snow we managed to have a fantastic week celebrating reading culminating in our dress up celebration.  All the classes enjoyed the school focus book, ‘Good Little Wolf’, and produced a range of work around it.  Our ‘Extreme Reading’ competition was fantastic and a big thank you to all who took part.  Look out for the pictures appearing around the school.  We had a great selection of home made costumes at our assembly ranging from Gandalf to a crayon!  Well done to our winners and thank you to the Parent Council for providing the prizes.  Here are some pictures of the day.

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Breakfast Time!

P1/2 have been learning about a healthy breakfast. With a partner they had to sort a selection of pictures of different things we can have for breakfast. They put them in order on a diamond 5 frame. We then spoke about why we thought the picture at the top was important and why we thought the picture at the bottom was not the best choice.

In writing the children wrote instructions to make a bowl of cereal. By the end of the morning Miss Read had 4 bowls of cereal! She practised using the children’s instructions both verbally and written. Great work everyone!

If you’re happy and you know it….

Clap your hands!

Today p1/2 tried something a bit different for Music. We linked 3 curricular subjects together to create the start of our very own compositions!

In our teams we had to clap out the syllables in each of our fruity words. Then, we each had a turn of being the conductor. They had to point to each of the pieces of fruit and the other members of the band would clap the syllables out. Each conductor would try to create a pattern using the fruit/syllables/claps.

At the end of the lesson we performed in our groups in front of the class. We had great fun!