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If you’re happy and you know it….

Clap your hands!

Today p1/2 tried something a bit different for Music. We linked 3 curricular subjects together to create the start of our very own compositions!

In our teams we had to clap out the syllables in each of our fruity words. Then, we each had a turn of being the conductor. They had to point to each of the pieces of fruit and the other members of the band would clap the syllables out. Each conductor would try to create a pattern using the fruit/syllables/claps.

At the end of the lesson we performed in our groups in front of the class. We had great fun!

Them bones!

On Thursday we had a mystery in p1/2!

We arrived back to our classroom after lunch to find it in a bit of a mess – much to Miss Read’s horror!

There were bandages all over the carpet, a skeleton in the entraceway, monsters on the board and two very scary spiders near the whiteboard!

We were all a little bit worried, then we spotted a book hidden beside WALT and WILF. It was called First day at Skeleton School and there were some pictures of skeletons beside it on the floor. 

As a class we read the story and with a partner we built the skeletons – spooky!

Afterwards we decided to play with some of the objects we’d found. It was great fun!