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Craigour Reading Radio – Episode 3

After the holidays Craigour Reading Radio will begin to run bi-weekly shows. All the ‘staff’ at the station have been working hard behind the scenes, releasing some demo material and look forward to getting the properly started in the new year. As one final practice we had Raymond from the ‘Reading Responsibility Group’ on talking about what he’s been reading. Check it out here!

And keep up the reading Craigour!

Our Kind Christmas

Primary 5a and Mrs Motley have been working hard to collect presents to donate to the local food bank this Christmas. It has been a huge success. We are still collecting until Monday 12th December and would like to thank all those who have donated already.

Parent Council Meeting 26th October 16

Craigour Park Parent Council Meeting

26th October 2016

Goodtrees Community Centre

Please come along, you are very welcome.



  1. Welcome & Apologies
  2. Approval of Minutes from 07.09.16
  3. Chairs Update
    1. Sponsorship applications
    2. SPTA membership
    3. Facebook Page
  4. Treasurers Report
  5. Head Teacher Update
    1. P1 Literacy
  6. Traffic Issues around School
    1. Update from meeting with Councillor
    2. Next steps
  7. Fundraising 2016/17
    1. Update on Christmas cards
    2. Christmas Fun afternoon
    3. Disco themes & ideas
    4. Easyfundraising
    5. Webb Ivory
    6. Other
  8. Cash for Kids
  9. O.B
  10. Date of next Meeting