Open Days

We have regular Parent Open Days where we welcome the parents and carers into the school to have an informal meeting with the teacher and have the opportunity for the pupils to discuss and show off their learning. The pupils really enjoy these sessions and it proves a useful touch point for the school to collate information and feedback about how we are performing. These are the pictures from this term’s Open Day as well as the comments from the parents. Thank you for your input for these days – we really appreciate your efforts.


“really enjoys school and seems to have made lots of friends. She has settled in well and seems to be really progressing with the school’s encouragement”

“friendly teachers”

“like more homework – maths and writing – with more feedback”

“teachers quite personable. Couldn’t ask for better, absolutely delighted”


“i’d like more information from the school about the after school club” (parent directed to website)

“impressed with school not a worry at all”

“positive reputation and good website”

“it’d have been good to dress up for World Book Day – pupils really remember that”

“some changes to have they line and leave the building would be good”

“teachers are fabulous with the kids”

“the encouragement is second to none”

“always involved”

“would like to see more school shows, so we can have grandparents to come and watch and see her progress – only had one and now in P5 – it was fabulous and I am still talking about it”

“all the teachers know their job and are fair”

“Mr Mowbray is nuts, but he does lots for them”

“more fun charity days and I’d like to see the school in the local press”

“website really good, my kids are unhappy if the other one is in it more”

“Mrs Cameron is great”

“no complaints in 13 years… do something new with the parents like social evenings or charity events”


“comes to school no bother”

“lining up can be chaotic, although that’s mostly because of the other parents”

“I like the extra activities and that the school offers Fresh start – this has really helped”

“stop changing the pupils in the class every year”

“I like everything about the school, teachers are really good. The Commonwealth games thing was excellent”

“confident with teachers”

We also ask the parents to jot down comments on the work of their children. We feed this back to the class teachers and to the pupils. The children are very excited to read the comments and we find this to be highly motivating and encouraging. Here’s a snap shot of some below:


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