New Behaviour Policy

Our most recent initiative as a management team has been the revamp of our Positive Behaviour policy and procedures. We will follow the 4 phase Improvement model of Audit / Plan/ Implement and Evaluate.

Our audit phase used anonymous questionnaires for staff as well as informal discussions with pupils and parents. The information collated formed our strategic planning. Our INSET day was set aside to work with all school staff in creating our vision and developing our new strategies for celebrating success and wider achievement, encouraging positive behaviours throughout the school. As a staff we began to plan the shape and feel of this for our school. We launched the new Positive Behaviour Policy at a whole school Assembly, again with all staff taking sections of this to deliver. Lessons were created for all classes to reinforce our changes and parents were apprised through a leaflet drop. Evaluation will take place with all stakeholders (pupils/parents/ PSAs/ teaching staff/ partner agencies) at the end of March. Any additional tweaks or developments will be made then. We are currently tracking the impact of these changes through anecdotal evidence/ mapping loss of EARNI time/ pupil questionnaires. All of these will help to inform next steps.



Behaviour Inset Day

Behaviour INSET Craigour Park Jan 6

PB Discussion paper

Staff Behaviour Survey

Assembly Launch

We will run the changes until the Easter term, when we will set aside one of our ISIS sessions to evaluate it and make any changes that the staff deem necessary.


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