BrainQuest in association with Edinburgh University

We have been working with Edinburgh University for over 18 months on a variety of projects. For the last 8 weeks our P7 pupils have been participating in an action-based research programme designed to improve Executive Function. EF is the ability to plan, problem solve, multi-task and make measured responses. The aims of the study combined improved cognitive ability and increased physical activity. Our CPD session was led by the P7 pupils who took staff through the game rules – and then buddied up with us to play the game as their partners. Based around three characters (Sheep rustler/ Cow rustler and Hero) the games encourages the children to think about strategy whilst competing in a rapid game playing scenario.

It was fabulous to see the P7s present to not only the teaching staff, but a good number of their parents too. All the adults converged onto the astroturf and joined in playing the game. It was frenetic but good fun and a valuable learning experience for us to be the pupils and the children to be the teachers.

A pre and post data collection will outline the impact of the programme. Thank you to our P7s and their parnts for making this such a fun and interactive event.

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