P7 with the Edinburgh University Lacrosse team

Yesterday P7 got to learn from and play with 4 members of the Edinburgh University Lacrosse team. Thank you to Dom, Jessie, Annabelle and Georgina for coming in and teaching us your sport. We loved it!

Here’s a wee letter Demi and Niamh wrote to the 4 coaches saying thank you:

Dear Annabell, Georgina, Dom and Jessie,

Thank you so much for giving up your time to come to our school and teach us lacrosse and thank you for letting us use your sticks.

We thought it was really fun. My favourite activity / game was with Georgina where we had to pick up the ball with our sticks and the races. But all activities were great. After playing lacrosse I might even join a lacrosse club! I like that it is different to other sports as well as the pretty stick colours, we are glad to have this opportunity. We hope that you can come and teach us again because you are great teachers!

Yours sincerely Demi, Niamh and all of P7B ;]

and here’s a wee video of the afternoon.


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