Autumn Newsletter


Dear Parents, Grandparents and Guardians,

The October holiday week is here already!  School closes on Friday 9th October at 12.25pm for Primary 1-7 pupils at 12.25pm.  Nursery closes at the usual Friday time. Pupils return to school on Wednesday 21st of October.

We were delighted to be double winners at the Children and Families awards. We were awarded a Highly Commended for our Fresh Start collaboration with parents and were outright winners in the Effective Learning category for our Learning Journals. A big well done to our staff for their effort and commitment in making our school one of innovation.

We welcomed Mrs Davidson to Primary 1C this month and look forward to Mr Consitt coming to Primary 3B later this month.  We are delighted to have had the support of supply staff in the meantime. Mrs Lewis has also joined the permanent staff in the school office.

We will be sad to say “Goodbye” to Mrs Dunsmore who is retiring after 25 years working in this community.  We all wish her health and happiness in her new life away from school and bells and dinner money!

We were pleased to see so many parents on the first Parent Consultation of this session and again for the Primary 1 Open Afternoons.  We value the support that all parents give to their children.  This has been like all terms at Craigour Park very very busy!  Health Promoting week saw an increase in uptake of After School Clubs and we are delighted that a new Running Group for Primary 1 & 2 pupils and parents is now taking place on Wednesdays at 2.30pm.  Thank you Millie for this excellent suggestion.  The Friday Running Club now has an average of 40 children and adults taking part.  We are moving towards being a very fit and healthy school!

New Winter Menus are issued with this newsletter.  Please discuss the options with your child so that they know what to expect daily when they reach the dining hall.

The Book fair was a huge success-again Thank you!-(some books are still on order…they should be here after we come back from holiday) The school prefects help to choose over £250 worth of books to re-stock our library.  We also added to our reading book list from the profits.

Our PTA are organising a Halloween Disco on Wednesday 28th October 2015 P1-3 4.30pm-5.30pm and 6.15pm – 7.30pm for P4-P7.  No tickets are issued (we have a register of those who have paid) and please note it is for children only – plenty staff and parents dressing up and supporting us.

We are on our second cycle of the FAST programme and the families and staff are enjoying working and playing alongside each other. The good news continues – we have been allocated additional funding from Save the Children to run a third cycle at a later date.

Our ICT resources were given another boost after we successfully bid for a grant from Education Scotland. This money will be put into buying iPads for our parent and pupil iPad club. Look for more details shortly about this exciting joint learning project.

Scottish Ballet and the Lyceum Theatre will be working with us next term (Block 2) so look forward to sharing all these exciting events on our school website.  We welcome your comments through your child’s learning journal and on the website so keep them coming.

Our Pupil Parliament has been elected and they are:

Primary 7:  Daniel Tomescu, Niamh Young, Melissa Bold and Amy Smith

Primary 6:  Sean Hunter, Fallon Campbell, Sneha Rasheed, Kai Smibert

Primary 5:  Mia McGhee, Idriss Benfayed

Primary 4:  Lewis Ramsay, Orly Taylor

Our Prefects for this session are:

Gemma Weighill, Kelsey Squires, Mohamed El Ferani and Fraser Young.

The Star Pupils for this term…(Block 1) are as follows:

Primary 1:  Oliver Byrne. Leon Gralla, Beth McVittie

Primary 2:  Alex Waterson-Law, Samantha Williams, Ibrahim Shaik (from the 2/1)

Primary 3:  Weronika Kilanowska, Adrian Ho, Kieran Gent,

Primary 4:  Kiera McLennan, Sean Lewis

Primary 5:  Sophie Preston, Dominika Machaj.

Primary 6:  Lamar Alghamdi, Jessica Aytman

Primary 7:  Amber Kelly, Kevin Lankiewicz

Well done to all these pupils for the hard work and contribution they have made to the school this term!

Wishing everyone a super Autumn Break

Carol M Cameron

Head Teacher on behalf of all the staff at Craigour Park

Carol Cameron

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