P4 Cook on a Fire

Primary 4 have been studying the Vikings as part of their topic and last week we went outside to cook some food on the fire. We made bread in the morning and then went to cook this on our fire in the afternoon.

Primary 3 came along to look at the fire but we all ended up cooking together and we had a great afternoon.

How to make Viking Bread                                                                                                                                                   

First you need to wash your hands because if you don’t you can spread jerms on the bread.

Second you will need to get a weighing scale ,bread mix , a bowl , water and a jug .

Third you weigh the bread mixture it should be 200 grammes.

After that you get the jug and measure 125 milliletres  of hot water.

Next you get a spoon and make a hole in the middle bread mix.

Then if you have exactly the write amount put all of the water in the hole if you don’t  dip the write amount in the hole.

After we done  that  we mixed the bread mixture and water together with a plastic or  wooden spoon.

After that we kneaded the dough together  and away.

Next we put it back in the bowl and put something that can keep it warm so the east can rise.

Then leave it for a few hours then we will put it on a fire and then you’ve got your home made bread.

By Dylan B

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