Do Something Funny for Money!

Any one visiting Craigour Park today would indeed be in for a big surprise! It was a feast of red, painted faces, funny noses, interesting hairdos, bizzare clothing and strange dancing! The whole school was involved and all the children enjoyed a variety of Red Nose Day themed activities – arts and crafts, sports, dancing to name a few. We then had some well-earned refreshements before a whole school assemby that featured our class stars and some very interesting dancing from a few of our teachers. (unfortunately – I have promised not to post this video on the website – but if you see me in the playground I may be able to be bribed and let you have a look – hilarious!)

We are as yet unsure just how much your good efforts have raised and will update this post once we have counted it all up. What an excellent effort – thank you parents for getting involved and thank you to staff for organising and participating.

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