As you may be aware, we have launched an online Learning Journal for every pupil at Craigour Park. In this you will see pictures and comments about your child’s learning. This regular update replaces our paper report traditionally given out to parents at the end of the year.

From our records, we note that there are numerous families who have not yet accessed their child’s report.

Can we help you with this? We are sending out a letter with these options – please tick and return to us as soon as possible.

  • Please reset my password (an email alert will be sent to you)
  • I need some help to access the journals (we can give you an appointment)
  • I have changed my email address (please supply new address)

We have had over 1,500 positive comments from parents who logged in and are being kept up to date about their child’s progress. We hope that you can join them.

If you don’t have access to an email account – drop in and see us and we can set you up with access to laptop to view your child’s work.


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