Head teacher update – 22nd January 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you are staying well and that the snow has brought a bit of fun and enjoyment during this difficult January.

The level of engagement with online learning has been great again this week with some really good learning evident across the classes and nursery.  As parents you are doing amazingly well in the most challenging circumstances!  We appreciate all you are doing to keep your child connected with learning.

Extension of Lockdown

As you’ll know this week the Scottish Government extended the lockdown and closure of schools until mid-February.  This means we have two more weeks of online learning before the February mid-term holiday.  The next review is scheduled for the 2nd of February so we will know more then.


In the meantime we would like to get a picture of how online learning is going for you at home and anything we could do to make it better/easier!

There is a survey below to fill in for both children and parents.  The closing date is next Wednesday.   We really want to hear your thoughts so we can make sure our online learning offer is the best it can be.  

Pupil Survey


Parent/Carer Survey


Food Bank

Our food bank continues on a Thursday each week.  Our Pupil Support Officers have been incredible again this week working with new partner organisations to get a really good stock of fresh and frozen food, toiletries, clothes and cleaning products.  Please get in touch through the admin email if we can help you in any way.

Staffing Update

And finally…some good news!  Miss Natalie Leang has been appointed Principal Teacher here at Craigour Park.  This is an important role within the school which involves leading whole school initiatives and supporting the pupils, staff and school community.  Miss Leang will continue her teaching role in P7 but will have a bit of time each week to focus on her leadership role and responsibilities. 

Congratulations Miss Leang- we are all delighted for you!

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week ahead- we are missing you all!

Best wishes

Kevin Brack

Head Teacher

Dear Parent/Carer,

Please see letter attached from NHS Lothian.

We have had a confirmed case of coronavirus in our hub.  All the close contacts have been contacted and are now self-isolating so if you have not heard from us your child is not affected.

We will support the children who are currently self-isolating to continue their learning at home.

Any questions or concerns please get in touch.

Best wishes

Kevin Brack

Head Teacher

Head Teacher update – 15th January 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy.  We are all really missing having the children in school and seeing you all (from a distance!)

I am incredibly proud of how well our children have transitioned to online learning despite some of the technological challenges we faced at the start of the week across the country.

I know this is an especially hard time for parents trying to juggle home life, work and remote learning.  From everything we have seen this week you are doing a great job!  Levels of engagement are higher than the last lockdown which is fantastic and will really help keep our children on track with their learning.  Thank you for all you are doing at home to help your child with their learning hopefully as the children get more used to online learning they will become more independent and you might get a bit more peace!  Fingers crossed!

We have issued a huge amount of Ipads and laptops from the school before and after Christmas.  The government announced additional funding for technology this week but it will take a while for this to filter through to schools obtaining these devices.

If you have any issues with ICT at home then please use this form https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=af6sSGo3tUKfacnke7-5xKfOxJ1zkLhJoI1KLt-lzLNUMEJYRUM0RlNQUVZQMVlDQlhDV0pITUM1Ui4u  to access support.  Mr Greig has been working non stop to help families with their IT issues- huge thanks to him.

Our food bank continues on a Thursday and details of when to visit the food bank will be emailed out each week.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend- away from screens!

Best wishes

Kevin Brack

Head Teacher

Foodbank Information

Our food bank continues to run on a Thursday and is open to all of our families. We realise that things have been incredibly hard on everyone and lots of families across the country are facing difficulties with money.  We are happy to help as much as we can. 

Due to current restrictions timings for this will be different. Please see the information below:

Surnames A – F collection from front door of school at 11am -12pm

Surnames G – K collection from front door of school at 12pm – 1pm

Surnames L – P collection from front door of school at 1pm – 2pm

Surnames Q – Z collection from front door of school at 2pm -3pm

Please adhere to social distancing and wear a mask at all times. Hand sanitiser will be on site to be used before collection.

If you require any further support or information please email  admin@craigourpark.edin.sch.uk

Head Teacher update – 8th January 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome to the first weekly update of 2021.  I know the majority of children are still on holiday but I wanted to share with you some important information ahead of the return to ‘remote learning’ next week.

I hope you managed to find some time for rest and relaxation as a family over the Christmas holidays.  I know the re-introduction of lockdown is a very hard way to start the new year but we will again come together to get through these uniquely challenging times. 

As you know the closure of schools has been extended until Monday 1st February.  There will be a review of when school’s can re-open on Monday 18th January and we will of course be in touch after this with any update.

I wanted to say a big thank you to the staff who have supported the opening of our emergency hub provision.  The children have settled in really well and continue to amaze us with their resilience in these tough times. This is an emergency provision of last resort so numbers of children and staff have to be kept to the absolute minimum.

Remote Learning

School will return for all children on Monday 11th January and as you know this will be ‘remote learning’ where children learn at home using technology to access learning provided by their own class teacher.

The first message I want to give you is that you as parents need to prioritise your family’s health above all else.  Staying safe and healthy is an achievement in itself in the middle of a pandemic.  The learning provided is meant to be helpful and supportive to your child and to you as a family.  There is no pressure to complete it on the day.  You can make it work for your family. 

The major change from our remote learning last time is that we are now going to be able to have video calls with children regularly to help them if they are stuck, give them feedback on their learning and check in with them.  Please read below to find out more about our remote learning offer for January:

  • Our method for sharing learning will be through Learning Journals for Nursery-P2 and Microsoft Teams for P2/3-P7.  Each teacher has created a team for their class where they can post learning. All children have been issued with log in details and practised logging on before the holidays.  The school has given out a significant number of Ipads to allow all families to access the online learning.  In the event a child can’t access the team, parents should email the school admin account for technical support.
  • There will be one literacy task, one numeracy task and one other which could be IDL or another curricular area each day.  Only two tasks will be shared for a Friday.
  • Teachers will share resources and links to support daily reading- which is so important for all children!
  • Suggested physical activity will be planned and shared by the PE dept. for each class amounting to two hours per week.
  • Each class teacher in P2/3-7 will schedule a maximum one hour video call for all pupils each day (Monday-Thursday) where they can support, offer clarification and give feedback on learning.  The teacher will send your child an invite on Teams which you need to accept to join the meeting at the right time.  
  • Nursery-P2 staff will use the comments feature of LJs to interact with families and will use YouTube to record any instruction/feedback necessary to support learning.  We will also send a Teams invite by email to P1 and P2 families so your child can have a weekly video check in with their teacher.  Nursery staff are making calls to their key group children.  There is more information on LJs regarding the provision for Nursery-P2.

Mr Greig is offering support with any ICT or access issues. Please see his support offer attached.  I have also attached information about how to be safe online during remote learning which was shared previously.

As always, if you have any problems or need our support please email admin@craigourpark.edin.sch.uk we will get back to you as soon as we can but we know you appreciate the high volume of emails we are currently receiving may slow us down.

Please stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing our Craigour Park children online next week.

Best wishes

Kevin Brack

Head Teacher

Key Worker Hub Information

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are pleased to be able to provide a key worker hub here at Craigour Park from Wednesday 6th January 2021, 9am-3pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-12.15pm on a Friday. 

This is an emergency provision of last resort and you will only get a place if you meet the criteria.  Places are very limited and parents will be asked to show evidence of their key worker status.

Please use the two attached documents to help you identify if you are a key worker.  Follow the flow chart to see if you qualify for a place.

Please use the following link which is unique to our school to complete your application for a place by 11.45pm on Sunday 3rd January 2021:


Places will be confirmed by Tuesday 5th January 2021 via an email from the school.

Children who are care experienced can access a place in the hub using the same form.

If you receive confirmation of your place then please arrive at the front door of the school at 9am on Wednesday 6th January and a member of staff will meet you and ask to see your evidence of key worker status.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy Christmas.

Best wishes

Kevin Brack

Head Teacher

Head Teacher Update

Dear Parent/Carer,

I know the last few days will have been really hard for so many people, coming to terms with the new arrangements for Christmas.  After such a difficult year this is another very challenging development.

I want to reassure you that school and nursery remain open as planned tomorrow with the staggered closure times of 11.50am and 12 noon. You will get a text reminding you of your child’s closure time in the morning.

As you know there have been some important changes to the provision of learning for January.

The current arrangements are that school will resume online in the week beginning Monday 11th of January 2021.  Nursery, P1 and P2 classes will be accessing their learning through the online Learning Journals.  P2/3-P7 will be using Microsoft Teams.  (if you need help to log in please have a look at this guide from Mr Greig https://sway.office.com/jwaqwmFw5wyFr6I5?ref=Link&loc=play )

Our PSO team have been working with Mr Greig to organise ipads for families who need them and the children have been practising how to log on today to refresh their memories.  Please email us at admin@craigourpark.edin.sch.uk  if you have any difficulties accessing the online learning.

A childcare hub will also run for children of key workers and children who are identified as vulnerable and you will receive more information on that from City of Edinburgh Council about this in due course.

I know January will be very difficult and many of you will be worried about your children spending time away from school- please be assured that we will do our very best to support your children, their learning and your family after the Christmas break.  We are already planning how we can safely provide our food bank etc in the new year.  Please reach out if you need help. 

I will be back in touch with any updates before we close for the holiday tomorrow lunchtime.

Best wishes

Kevin Brack

Head Teacher