P6A All The Way!

Academics, sports stars, singers, dancers and now song writers…..

Things all just got a bit emotional at the end of the year for Primary 6A so we decided to sing part of our class song. Sure what else would you be doing whilst wearing giant novelty sunglasses and a bit of facial hair?

“I moustache you a question?”

“Shave it for later………..”

P6 All The Way Lyrics

The Vengabus is Coming and Everyone is Running!!!

Running Club has been such a huge success this year. So much so in fact that we decided to throw a party for all of our members on the last day……….It was lively to say the least!

Well done on a super year runners!!! See you again in August!

Remember….If you’re in Primary 5, 6 or 7 next year you are welcome to come along!

One More Time…..

If Running Club is anything…..That thing is reliable. We’ve run every week since school began last August and even on the last day of term we’ll be out and about.

We looked ace last week for our doctors, nurses and patients theme as we ran to the Royal Infirmary.


Tomorrow’s Theme Party Time!

Public Praise For P6A

The staff at Craigour Park were delighted to hear from a former teacher and ex pupil at Fernieside P.S.

The gentleman rang to inform Mrs Cameron of how impressed he was by the behaviour and attitude displayed by Primary 6A as they travelled on public transport last week as part of their trip to Arthurs Seat. Well done P6A!