P5A Discover Old Edinburgh

We had a fantastic trip to Riddles Court and Old Edinburgh. At Riddles Court we saw a really old building from King James VI time. We also made some arts and crafts from the 16th century. It was really cool. Here we are after climbing up Castlehill to see the view from the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. A special thank you to Jax and Bethany’s mums for helping on our trip. 

We’re Spring Chickens and we’re having a ball!

P2 and P1/2 have had a fantastic week! We all got to take part in an Easter egg hunt in our classrooms. It lasted a good few seconds…. We then looked inside our eggs and read the different sounds we’d found. Each child got a prize for successfully reading their sounds.

This morning we took part in some baking! Each child made their own rice crispie cake that they could scoff at our Star of the Term movie afternoon. What a fantastic time we’ve had!

World Book Day

After missing World Book Day due to the snow we managed to have a fantastic week celebrating reading culminating in our dress up celebration.  All the classes enjoyed the school focus book, ‘Good Little Wolf’, and produced a range of work around it.  Our ‘Extreme Reading’ competition was fantastic and a big thank you to all who took part.  Look out for the pictures appearing around the school.  We had a great selection of home made costumes at our assembly ranging from Gandalf to a crayon!  Well done to our winners and thank you to the Parent Council for providing the prizes.  Here are some pictures of the day.

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