Yeasterday P1 made bread!

Primary 1 have been learning all about harvest. We have learned how wheat is picked and ground into flour and the different types of food that are made with flour. We ended our week by using flour to make bread.

We started by washing our hands and equipment.

Then we mixed 500g of flour, half a sachet of yeast, 350ml of warm water and a teaspoon of salt. It looked like this:


We left it over night so that the ingredients could have a little boogie together. This is what it looked like in the morning:


Then we sent it off on holiday in a dutch oven for an hour. This is what it looked like after baking:



P2 Literacy

The bees group were working hard on their sentence writing with Miss Montgomery this morning.  They used a picture to get ideas and then helped Miss Montgomery with sounding out/ spelling the words, where to put capital letters and fingers spaces and remembering the full stops at the end! 

Fab job P2!

Word Boost for Primary 1a, 1b and 1c

imageOn Monday all our P1 classes got together to hear the first of our Word Boost stories. The Word Boost scheme is aimed at extending children’s vocabulary enabling them to include the words in their talking and writing. Our first book was The Lamb Who Came To Dinner. There was lots of laughter as the children joined in the howling with Miss Clark’s wolf puppet. Our Word Boost words were: gobble, howl, trudge and delicious. Let us know if learners are using them at home 😀

P7 Celebrate World Dyslexic Day

This afternoon we took part in a Dyslexic Art Workshop with the aim of sharing information about dyslexia and its myths, challenges and strengths. The children had the opportunity to be creative with letters, a plastic cup and create a poster showing their learning. The children had some fantastic ideas and asked some interesting questions.