Bikeability in Primary 4

Well done to all the children in Primary 4 who have earned their Bikeability 1 certificate after taking part in a 6 week training course with Mr Mowbray and Mr Prowse. The children’s success was celebrated at our wing assembly yesterday and they received a huge round of applause from their fellow pupils.

Well done Primary 4 Bikers!


Just Grow Up! – Craigour Park Running Club

Friday Morning Running Club had an Easter egg hunt all around the local area before school this week but not just in our normal clothes! We performed a bit of a ‘switcharoo’ with the kids dressing as teachers and the adults dressing as pupils. Here are the results…..

(The Mrs Hennessy lookalike was very realistic)


Can you guess which teacher each member is in the photographs below?




The first theme for after the holidays…… Builders.
I wonder why?

The Art of Listening

P7 had a fantastic trip on Thursday 27th March to the Hub on the Royal Mile to a workshop run by Edinburgh International Festival.  We listened to classical music in an amazing room and talked about how we listen.  We learned lots about the piano.  We then had a relaxing time lying on mats and listening to beautiful music! We drew pictures about how the music had made us feel.   Here is what we thought of the trip;

We were lucky because the workshop was a one of a kind trip! – Siddharth

I thought that the lying down was epic because we got to relax – Eryk

I really enjoyed the hub because it was really fun and I thought classical music was boring but it’s not – Erin

I though that the trip was amazing because we got to listen to classical music and also we got to lie down and relax!!!- Indie

IMG_0944 IMG_0945 IMG_0948 IMG_0950