P3/4 – Our new topic: The Highland Clearances

We all had a great time today rummaging in our talking tub – a box containing lots of interesting objects and pictures relating to our new topic. By studying the objects in the box the children managed to guess that our topic relates to history in Scotland. The children shared lots of interesting facts and came up with some questions. We can’t wait to find the answers!





P3/4 Maths

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This week the children have been investigating patterns and sequences in numbers. They have been super at adding to patterns and explaining the rule they used as well as coming up with their own number sequences for other children.

P3/4 My Community

P3/4 researched facts about the history of our area for homework. They then worked as a class to plan and create their own documentary about our history. They began by using the internet to gather photographs which have been collated on a PowerPoint created as a class. The children also wrote the script and filmed their work. Great work everyone!