Two Weeks to Go!

Things are moving on at a frantic pace at Craigour Park. The main entrance corridors have new flooring in place and will be re-painted. Our new build is a hive of activity and much of the new furniture has arrived and is currently being stored in the gym hall. Our cleaning team will arrive next week and then it will be all hands on deck for the final big push to ready the school in time for the pupils’ return. Here are a few pictures of our current progress.



Additional In-Service day: Thursday 18th September

Dear Parent,


The Scottish Government has just announced an additional in-service day for primary teachers next session to support the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence. The preferred date for Edinburgh is Thursday 18th September 2014, as many primary schools will be closing for the referendum. If this closure day is to be applied to local authority early years settings, we have been asked to consult with parents. I am seeking your view as a parent representative of a school/nursery on the inclusion of early years settings in this additional closure day. All staff in nursery/early years settings have a responsibility for the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence but I am also aware that any closure days impact on families.


I am aware that this is a very short timescale but if we are to go ahead with an additional closure day across early years settings early in the new term, it would be preferable to let parents know as soon as possible.


Please indicate your view on the additional closure day on Thursday 18th 2014 with a YES or NO and send your response to by Friday 27th June 2014. Please indicate who the response was from, the name of the establishment and include any appropriate comments.

We will have more information when we resume next session.